Juvenile and Family Law
Abuse or Neglect / Foster Care / Child Welfare and Dependency
Cases Involving Child Protective Services (CPS) / Department of Social Services (DSS)

When your case involves a child who has been abused or neglected, it's important to hire an attorney who has a thorough understanding of Abuse or Neglect, Foster Care, and Child Welfare and Dependency law.  This area of the law is complex and not well understood by many practitioners.
  It is highly important that your attorney understand the nuances of the law and of how Child Protective Services (CPS) operates.
    I have handled a number of abuse or neglect cases and custody cases with Department of Social Services involvement.  I have handled these cases in jurisdictions throughout Virginia as the parent's attorney, the child's guardian ad litem, and counsel for the Department of Social Services.  Contact me today so that I can help you.

Child in Need of Services (CHINS)

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